We are excited to have you come visit the Woodland Park and Nature Preserve! The Park is open to the public and follows the general rules of all City of Battle Creek Parks, including closing times and courteous behavior.

Conservationist Mindset

The Woodland Park and Nature Preserve is a wonderful natural resource for every person in the greater Battle Creek area. To keep the Park as a wonderful natural resource for years to come, we ask that you please abide by the following general thoughts:

  • Dogs are welcome! It’s wonderful to have a place where your dog can roam and sniff. We ask that all dogs be leashed though and that you bring your own waste disposal bags to clean up after your family pet (this is short-term, as we have plans already moving forward to provide waste disposal bags at both trail heads).
  • Trash containers are provided at both the Helmer Road and the Gethings Road trailheads. We appreciate you picking up after yourself!
  • The Park is home to multiple protected plants of Michigan. Enjoy wandering the fields and trails in the spring/summer to view the beautiful bounty, but please don’t pick the flowers and plants!
  • This space is a habitat for many animals and birds. We are fortunate to share the space with their homes. Have fun watching nature’s creatures, but please do not disrupt them from their natural patterns, or we may “push” them out of the area!
  • Like your mother taught you, always leave somewhere in better shape than when you arrived, and you will always be welcome!

To Help You Plan Your Trip

Directions to the Park

Park Trail Maps

Outdoor Acitivities